Carefully selected to offer you the best!'

Our products

High quality products

Frozen fish from proven suppliers, high quality meat and freshness of the products.

Safe freezing of the products

We import and export only frozen fish in accordance with the highest safety standards.

For every recipe!

We have a wide range of frozen fish products that are ideal for every use and every recipe!

Caught and frozen!

All of our products are caught and frozen under completely safe conditions in order to preserve the quality of the meat. You get only the best from us!

High-priced (valued) wines

We import and export fine wines. Our products are carefully selected among the best Italian and foreign wines.


Italian, French and Swiss cheese

We offer a wide range of Italian cheese that is among the most valued in Italy and abroad.

Parmesan "Reggiano"

The Italian cheese "par excellence", Parmesan "Reggiano", which is a hard cheese with a protected name of origin, is made of raw and partially processed cow's milk.

"Grana Padano"

Another international gastronomic pride of Italy: "Grana Padano" has always been one of the products most valued by our customers.


Prosciutto, a product with unique and unmistakable taste, is one of our best products. We can offer the best prosciutto on the market.


Ham, the most famous dried meat product, is a product valued all over the world thanks to the intense flavours and low-calorie content.

MEC* ham

Thanks to slow aging, the MEC* ham is a product with special characteristics and a wide variety of flavours.


Import and export of food products produced in England in Europe and abroad: we import and export the most valued gastronomic delicacies in the world.